The MSM technical service is offered at different levels:

  • Support service via email, for a first contact and information collection
  • Remote assistance service: where applied, MSM staff remotely modifies the working parameters of the equipment to optimize performance, monitor systems, etc.
  • Assistance at the customer's site: following a formal request from the customer, if necessary, MSM sends its staff to the customer's site.
  • Intervention at our headquarters: if necessary, MSM asks for the shipment of the equipment for a detailed analysis and possible intervention at our factory.
  • Spare parts service: again following a formal request by the customer, complete with spare part codes indicated in the machine use and maintenance manual, MSM will send the respective quotation as soon as possible.

For a quick and effective solution to your request, we emphasize the importance of providing accurate and complete information, by email or by filling out our specific request form.