• EBB and EBF - Big-bags unloading systems
    EBB and EBF - Big-bags unloading systems
  • SPB - Big-bags loading system
    SPB - Big-bags loading system

Big-bags unloading

Systems for easy unloading of big-bags, also in synergy with central conveying systems. They are equipped with a removable and palletizable top plate complete with hooks to hang the big bag for movement of the same.

Depending on the material contained in the big bags, they are divided into:

  • EBF, for free-flow plastic materials
  • EBB, for difficult materials (powders, regrinds, etc.). Available in different configurations according to the difficulty in flowing of stored material (eg. bag shaking systems, discharge vibration systems, etc.)

Big-bags loading

Vacuum system for loading a big-bag consisting of:

  • automatic vacuum hopper loader
  • SPB big-bag structure, complete with loading hopper with optical sensor for the detection of the material level in the bag.