• SILOTREV siloing system
    SILOTREV siloing system
  • Assembly steps / 1
    Assembly steps / 1
  • Assembly steps / 2
    Assembly steps / 2

Features and benefits

  • Significant reduction in transport costs
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Custom sizes to optimize available spaces
  • Optional weighing system

SILOTREV indoor silos are made in high-tenacity anti-static fabric, supported by a structure of standard profiles in galvanized or stainless steel, are ideal to fit in any indoor environment.

The upper part is made of antistatic filter fabric that allows the filtration of clean air during the loading phase of silos from a tanker or from a thrust loading system.

Tailor-made, they normally cover a wide range of volumetric capacities from 2.7 to 80 m3. Silos are easy to transport and assemble.

Main features of SILOTREV silos are:

  • Loading silos through stainless steel piping complete with quick connection for tanker or thrust loading system
  • Visual inspection porthole
  • Suction valve according to your specific application
  • Provision for level sensors

Normally suitable for installation in sheltered rooms, they can be customized for outdoor roof applications.