• VMS series vertical mixer
    VMS series vertical mixer
  • MV series vertical mixer
    MV series vertical mixer

MSM offers a wide range of vertical mixers for loose plastic material for single or centralized applications.

Vertical mixers are divided into the following series:

  • MV: available in steel or externally painted stainless steel, with capacities from 120 to 330 liters, they are excellent for mixing your material, replacing drums. The suction system bringing the material to the operating machine is very practical. The mixers are mounted next the machine and inlcude electrical panel (continuous rotation or timed rotation). Safety micro on the loading and unloading port on the lower part of the mixer.
  • VMS: available as standard in painted steel (on request in externally painted stainless steel), with capacities from 500 to 20,000 liters, they are functional and highly performing, specifically designed and manufactured to optimize the mixing of different plastics in large quantities, typically in centralized applications.

A particular application of these mixers consists in using them in synergy with drying or dehumidification systems.