• MSC 800 stackable system
    MSC 800 stackable system
  • Single module
    Single module

Features and benefits

  • Stackable for maximum flexibility
  • 3-way suction valve with quick couplings
  • Preserve granules from environmental contamination
  • Easy handling by forklift

MSC 800 modular storage containers are the result of a new concept in terms of rationalization and economy of transport, as well as storage and handling of loose plastic granules.

Equipped as standard with three-way suction valve with quick couplings, they can be stacked thanks to the exclusive interconnection system. In this way they allow a more convenient and rational logistics management of raw materials. They also keep plastic granules in an environment protected from possible contamination, subsequently ensuring quality processing.

Main features of these containers are:

  • Module capacity 800 liters
  • Stacking of up to 4 modules
  • Parts in contact with the material entirely made in stainless steel
  • Three-way suction valve with quick couplings
  • Stacking system complete with discharge shutter
  • Seats for forks that allow easy handling by forklift or transpallet
  • Upper closure, with modular coupling system, equipped with a hinged half-cover with handles
  • Option for support grid for bags