• WD system front view
    WD system front view
  • Back view
    Back view

Features and benefits

  • Low process time
  • Low amount of material in process
  • Reduced volumes and occupied spaces
  • Low energy consumption
  • Process effectiveness
  • Reliable innovative technology

WD is a innovative system for treatment of amorphous and crystalline PET with energy and environmental protection solutions.

WD systems offer the patented "WIND-DRYER" technology, which is characterized by the absence of molecular sieves, combined with the YES-System technology for maximum energy efficiency.

Loading of  WD takes place through an integrated gravimetric dosing system with up to three components.

WD can be used to treat recycled PET (bottles, flacons, etc.) but also virgin, in granules, micro-granules, flakes with high dustiness, both in amorphous and crystalline state.

Thanks to the WIND-DRYER technology, which monitors all the parameters and process variables involved, combined with the constructional features of the system, WDs are able to ensure correct crystallization of amorphous PET in just 10 minutes, and adequate dehumidification of crystalline PET in just 80 minutes, for a total treatment time of max. 90 minutes without any need for traditional molecular sieve dehumidifiers.

WDs are therefore able to reduce the time and consumption of traditional crystallization and dehumidification on one hand, and to reduce the initial investment costs typical of IR systems on the other hand, while ensuring, in both situations, a higher performance.

Main features of WD systems are:

  • Integrated loading through an automatic gravimetric dosing system
  • Process air generation unit with modulated flow and constant monitoring
  • Process hopper with double chamber and patented functional geometry
  • Mixer with a patented functional geometry
  • Special large surface filter unit
  • ESS "Energy Saving System" heat exchange unit
  • Support structure complete with a seafaring staircase with a fall safety barrier
  • Insulated suction valve at the discharge of the process hopper
  • General control and command panel for the whole system.