FW granulators
FW granulators

Features and benefits

  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy opening for a quick cleaning
  • Application of screw material extractor
  • Cyclone aspiration with Venturi system
  • Oversized drawer

FW series granulators stand out for the high quality and homogeneity of milled product obtained from the ​​recovery, next to the trasforming machines, of scraps and sprues.

The design of the cutting chamber that uses the multi-blade system at low rpm ensures a minimum presence of dust and low noise.

The application of the exclusive FW system, for cutting power management, optimizes the performance of the granulator ensuring minimum energy consumption and maximum production yield.

Regrind is collected in a removable drawer equipped with a suction valve for direct recovery through a proportional valve by the injection molding machine loader.

As standard, the granulators are designed to receive sprues using a robot or conveyor belt. In addition, FW granulators can be customized with optionals, to meet different application needs, such as:

  • regrind discharge by screw extractor
  • regrind discharge by cyclone venturi system
  • oversize collection drawer
  • application of collection bags
  • custom loading hopper for special applications
  • drawer level sensor
  • partial or complete soundproofing (upon request)