• VIP - Blown film extrusion management system
    VIP - Blown film extrusion management system
  • VIP panel page
    VIP panel page

Features and benefits

  • Complete process control from a touch screen console
  • Flexibility and expandability
  • Reliability and security
  • In compliance with "Industry 4.0" guidelines

VIP management system supervises and controls all the extrusion system parameters:

VIP system allows to control, from a single console, all the components of the extrusion line through a simple HMI graphic interface on the "Touch Screen" display. The system is very flexible and customizable to the specific requests of the customer and is expandable and integrated with the plastic granule central conveying system. It is possible to include further process parameters, as well as other groups and/or components of existing customer systems. The system is open and allows logging and control of all data and process parameters in the same platform.

From the VIP panel it is possible to:

  • insert the product recipes;
  • check the dosing percentages;
  • check thickness, weight per linear meter and volume of production.

This ensures constant product quality and high productivity. The control of weight and thickness per linear meter is integrated in the control of the dosing percentages and the volume of production.

Our system offers complete connectivity between production and offices, global data communication, material waste reduction, energy saving, quality control, personnel monitoring, production data analysis , all in compliance with the "Industry 4.0" guidelines.

Specific alarm indicators point out all errors or deviations of the production parameters from tolerances set by the user.

Thanks to the complete remote system connectivity, it is possible to speed up and economize MSM physical presence during the start-up phase, production changes, or in case of technical assistance.