MULTIJET A series automatic cooling ring
MULTIJET A series automatic cooling ring

Features and benefits

  • Perfect thickness profile uniformity
  • Increased productivity thanks to supervision via VIP console
  • High cooling power
  • Excellent bubble stability
  • Wide range of blowing ratios
  • Possibility of retrofitting on existing extrusion heads

The design of the MULTIJET A double-flow automatic cooling ring is designed to reduce thickness tolerances in the production of blown films and sheets in combination with the film thickness measurement system and the extrusion management console.

Thanks also to the integration with the GDS gravimetric system, the ring allows to obtain an extraordinary bubble stability, together with a high cooling power. The result is a high productivity and a perfect thickness control for superior quality of finished product.

Based on a tolerance profile of the measured thickness, the amount of cooling air is adjusted with high precision, resulting in an optimal control of thickness deviations from the setpoint value.

The cooling air flow is divided into smaller volumes along the circumference of the bubble. Automatic actuators regulate the flow of air in each sector to adjust the thickness of the bubble according to the measurements of the film thickness measuring system.

Using the MULTIJET A cooling rings, tolerances obtained can be less than 2% of average thickness, even if the starting point base is 10% or higher.

Thanks to the special design, our cooling rings can be easily adapted and used on all types of blown extrusion extrusion heads (new or existing) and for all manufacturing processes. All electronic components and most of the mechanical ones are almost maintenance-free and very reliable over time.

Main features of the MULTIJET A cooling rings are:

  • Available in versions for fixed and rotating extrusion heads
  • Operation in combination with film thickness measurement system and extrusion management
  • Double-lip air-cooling ring (dual-lip) with linear automatic actuators
  • High air flow and low pressure
  • Tangential type air inlet chamber