FTM 1000 fixed scanner
FTM 1000 fixed scanner

Features and benefits

  • Use with rotating extrusion head
  • Reliability and long life
  • High measurement precision
  • Maintenance free

FTM 1000 system for in-line measurement of the film thickness for blown film in flat and uniform layers is a reliable and easy-to-use measuring system. To measure the bubble thickness, it uses the rotation of the bubble of extrusion systems with rotating head with fixed haul-off or fixed head with oscillating haul-off.

The thickness of the film is measured by a capacitive sensor. This high precision principle of comparative measurement allows to detect the differences in thickness while the film is being processed. The quality of the reel can be improved just in the production phase.

The device does not require any maintenance and is very robust. The surface of the scanner in contact with the film is made in a very resistant material that ensures a long life.