Film width measurement system
Film width measurement system

Features and benefits

  • Film width constancy
  • Reduction of material waste
  • Fully integrated operation with VIP extrusion management system
  • Measurement reliability even in the case of transparent film

FW 1000 system for in-line width measurement and blown film or sheet extrusion adjustment is an accessory that can be integrated into VIP systems.

The flattened bubble passes through a frame that measures its width using two infrared sensors placed at the edges of the film. The surface of the film is not damaged during measurement. Film width is recalculated cyclically, detecting the correct position of the edge.

During operation in automatic mode, the differences detected compared with the values assigned determine variations on the settings of the MULTIJET A automatic ring actuators. The width is modified by acting on the diameter of the calibration basket or by acting on the air regulator.

FW 1000 film width measurement system can be supplied with or without a regulation system.