• GDS series loss-in-weight dosing units
    GDS series loss-in-weight dosing units
  • GDS 5 dosing unit (up to 5 materials)
    GDS 5 dosing unit (up to 5 materials)
  • GDS 7 dosing unit (up to 7 materials)
    GDS 7 dosing unit (up to 7 materials)

Features and benefits

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Dosing of up to 7 components
  • Modularity and easy future expansion
  • Reliability and dosing precision even of small quantities

GDS loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing units are designed to dose up to 7 materials for extrusion and co-extrusion processes, for a maximum production up to 500 kg/h (depending on the material density).

These machines feature a high reliability and dosing precision, also with materials in small quantities. GDS units are modular and eventually allow easy upgrades to include additional components in the extrusion process.

Each component weighing station is equipped with a weighed hopper which receives the plastic material above through a pneumatically controlled shutter. The state-of-the-art technology allows precise measurement of the material batch even in extreme environmental conditions. The feeding of the component to be dosed is carried out by means of a hopper loader together with a reserve hopper, all placed above the GDS dosing unit (directly on it or on a mezzanine).

There are different combinations of sleeve/auger for various application needs, ensuring the optimal use of the dosing station. A complete program for hopper loaders is available.

Main features of GDS doser are:

  • modular structure for dosing stations, complete with central static mixer that can be installed directly on the extruder
  • one main component gravimetric dosing station
  • up to 6 gravimetric dosing stations for additional components with motorized auger discharge system
  • upper pneumatic shutters for dosing stations loading
  • weighing stainless steel hoppers placed on load cells
  • integrated electrical panel
  • electrical boxes for each dosing station with "open / close / automatic shutter" keyboard
  • connection to VIP console via RS485 bus
  • magnetic separator at the mix discharge (option)