MULTIJET B blown film air cooling ring
MULTIJET B blown film air cooling ring

Features and benefits

  • High cooling power
  • Excellet bubble stability
  • Perfect thickness control
  • Wide range of blowing ratios
  • Can be adapted to existing extrusion heads

The design of the MULTIJET B double-flow air cooling ring from MSM conveniently combines several elements that allow to achieve excellent bubble stability, together with a high cooling power. The result is a high productivity, good thickness control and better optical properties of extruded film.

The tangential-type air inlet chamber balances the air flows of its tangential inlets, producing a uniformity of pressure along the entire circumference. This high air flow is then separated into smaller volumes in the inner ring distributors, resulting in a laminar segmented air flow for uniform bubble cooling across the circumference. Finally, the aerodynamic design of the lip creates a uniform depression zone around the bubble, which contributes to optimal stabilization. The system thus conceived allows you to work with the maximum blowing flexibility.

Thanks to the special design, our cooling rings can be easily adapted and used on all types of blown film extrusion heads (new or existing) and for all manufacturing processes.

Main features of the MULTIJET B cooling rings are:

  • Available in versions for fixed and rotating extrusion heads
  • Double lip design with adjustment
  • High air flow and low pressure
  • Tangential-type air inlet chamber
  • Sectored distribution system for the parcelling of the cooling air flow around the blown film