• WIND system
    WIND system
  • WIND 125
    WIND 125

Features and benefits

  • Dehumidification of crystalline PET without molecular sieves
  • Reduced volume and occupied space
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable technological innovation
  • Guaranteed results

WIND is an innovative system for treatment of crystalline PET. WIND systems work completely automatically, without molecular sieves or electromagnetic waves in general and no need for chilled water.

WIND systems include:

  • process air generation unit with modulated flow rate and constant monitoring to reach the best PET treatment performance
  • microprocessor-based control and command panel, for automatic management of parameters and process variables, and solid state relays to ensure the highest accuracy of temperature maintenance and longer life.

Each WIND must be used in combination with a process hopper, specifically chosen according to the required hourly production, with all needed accessories.

WIND is an absolutely revolutionary system, whose main advantages are:

  • reduced volume and occupied space compared to traditional dehumidification
  • low energy consumption
  • process effectiveness for quality results
  • reliable technological innovation

Thanks to WIND technology, that monitors all the parameters and process variables involved, combined with the constructive peculiarities of the machine, this system is able to guarantee an adequate treatment of crystalline PET.

WIND can therefore reduce power consumption, initial investment of traditional systems and ensuring a higher performance.