ST series ground dryers
ST series ground dryers

Features and benefits

  • High drying performance
  • Energy saving
  • Minumum maintenance
  • Reliability, ease and precision

ST series ground hot air dryers can be used in all plastic material processing machines for a production of up to 90 kg/h.
They are suitable for treatment of n
on-hygroscopic plastic materials in granules or pellets (virgin or reground).
Main features of the ST series dryers are:

  • AD-ES-ST technology, that is the contribution by MSM to its customers' energy saving
  • High drying performance thanks to the use of high prevalence blowers.
  • Minimum energy consumption thanks to the revolutionary exclusive system "YES-System" (option)
  • Automatic adjustment of the energies involved with the exclusive flow variation system (option).
  • Reliability, ease and precision of the system, which ensures, in the full optional version, also the protection of treated plastic material.
  • Minimum maintenance thanks to the exclusive "Auto-Cleaning" filtration system, combined with the use of static relays, and to the high accessibility and ease of inspection of all machine components.