• TMO series horizontal mixers
    TMO series horizontal mixers
  • The mixer is supplied with a start panel
    The mixer is supplied with a start panel

Features and benefits

  • They improve CDS series dosing units performace
  • Maximum blending homogeneity
  • Use in special applications and/or conditions at the limits of dosing
  • Use with hardly mixable materials because of different granules dimensions and ease of flow

TMO series homogenization systems are designed to get a perfectly homogeneous mixing in the dosage of plastic materials in combination with CDS series volumetric dosers.

Their use allows to cover the dosing needs of most processing machines. They also find application in the following cases:

  • multistation dosing
  • use of proportional valve
  • variability in granulometry and/or ease-of-flow of dosed materials
  • use at the limits of the applied range of dosing

Available in different models, with capacity up to 24 liters, they are entirely made in stainless steel, include homogenization rotating shaft with evolving blades, openable visual specula for easy cleaning and are driven by a three-phase gear motor.