CDS series volumetric dosing unit
CDS series volumetric dosing unit

Features and benefits

  • Reliability and constructive robustness
  • Maximum precision and constant dosing
  • Homogeneous blending
  • Flexibility for production from 0.1 up to 120 g/s

CDS series volumetric dosers are suitable for dosing on injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines or other processing machines with plastic material in granules, micro-granules, masterbatches and regrinds.

A simple and innovative range of two basic models, CDS 1 and CDS 2, ensures, by means of a wide and structured range of possible configurations, the most suitable application with standard productions from 0.1 to 120 g/s.

The dosage of the plastic material is volumetric with the auger driven by a stepper motor.

The CDS dosers, combined with TMO series horizontal mixers, will make you have a precise and constant dosage of perfectly mixed material.

Main features of these dosers are:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Control panel with digital display and remote keypad
  • Quick cleaning and minimum maintenance
  • Quick discharge material for sampling
  • Quick hopper emptying system for material change
  • Static mixer, available as standard, for a homogeneous blending
  • Operation for injection moulding press with ON-OFF command (settable)
  • Operation for injection moulding press with automatic dosing feedback
  • Operation for extruder with analogue control 0-10 V