• Multi-hopper dehumidification
    Multi-hopper dehumidification
  • Single-hopper dehumidification
    Single-hopper dehumidification

Features and benefits

  • Customized study to increase productivity and minimize waste
  • Possibility of future extensions and creation of new work islands without having to change the system logic
  • High problem solving skills to face particularly complex needs
  • Constant quality of finished product
  • Optimized systems to prevent degradation of treated materials

MSM, at the forefront in the field of drying and dehumidification, with its long experience, thanks to the modularity and wide range of its products, is able to study the best solution for the treatment of plastic materials, with focus on rationalizing the customer's production system and maximizing energy savings.

Single hopper treatment

It's the traditional system, dedicated to the single material with dehimidifier/dryer serving one hopper only, in the ground configuration with trolley and suction valve, or to be installed directly on the transforming machine.

Multi-hopper treatment

It's particularly useful in case of multiple material treatment (different materials and/or colours), with possibility of thermoregulation to be the same for all hoppers or differentiated by hopper (in case of DDT dehumidifiers, with the use of PR series preheaters).

Hopper can be mounted on specific trolleys or supporting structures, or installed directly on the transforming machine.

Centralized treatment

Both solutions above can be integrated in a central conveying system for maximum rationalization of raw material storage and treatment.

Dehumidification/drying can be located, for instance, directly in raw material storage area. Materials in treatment are eventually conveyed to the transforming machines through the central conveying system.