SD 4/28 series dehumidifiers
SD 4/28 series dehumidifiers

Features and benefits

  • Minimum energy consumption thanks to YES-System
  • Superior performances compared with traditional molecular sieve technology
  • Very compact
  • Minumum maintenance
  • Ease of use and programming
  • Reliability, ease and precision

Compressed air dehumidifiers of SD 4/28 YES-System series, can be used on all plastics transformation machines with throughput of up to 25 kg/h.

They can process plastic materials in granules or pellets (virgin and regrind).

SD 4/28 compressed air dehumidifiers main features are:

  • Minimum energy consumption achieved with the revolutionary YES-System, that automatically adjusts the parameters and the process variables in ordert to get a flexible dehumidification system able to adapt to the real conditions of use in the department, with no stress on the plastic granules.
  • Very compact thanks to the rational design and the exclusion of molecular sieve and process blower
  • Minimum maintenance thanks to the quality of all used machine components.
  • Reliability, ease and precision with system designed to maintain the properties of the processed plastic materials.