• SD 65 dehumidifier with hopper on trolley
    SD 65 dehumidifier with hopper on trolley
  • SD 125 and SD 65 dehumidifiers
    SD 125 and SD 65 dehumidifiers

Features and benefits

  • No water connection
  • Settable dew point (optional)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimum energy consumption with YES-System (optional)

Single tower molecular sieve dehumidifiers are suitable for dehumidification of plastic materials in granules, pellets (virgin or regrind) for a throughput up to 50 kg/h.

Main features of single tower dehumidifiers are:

  • No costs involved for cooling water consumption or connection. Fully automatic operating, only requires connection to the electro-pneumatic mains.
  • Noteworthy saving of electric power thanks also to the air-air exchanger;
  • Dew Point viewer with adjustable alarm threeshold (optional).
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the modular construction which ensures extremely easy access/inspection of all machine components.

Single tower dehumidifiers, together with our process hoppers, can be installed directly on the trasforming machine or next to it, can include a suction valve and be mounted on specific mobile trolleys.

Options that can be integrated in the system:

  • YES-System technology for smart energy management;
  • Daily / weekly programmer;
  • Auxiliary thermoregulator.