• DDT 200 dehumidifier with H 300 P hopper on trolley
    DDT 200 dehumidifier with H 300 P hopper on trolley
  • DDT 3000 dehumidifier with H 4000 P hopper
    DDT 3000 dehumidifier with H 4000 P hopper
  • DDT series dehumidifiers
    DDT series dehumidifiers

Features and benefits

  • Energy saving thanks to DDT technology
  • No air or water connection (DDT models from 140 to 800)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide product range with possibility of centralized/multi-hopper application

Twin-tower molecular sieve dehumidifiers of DDT series, can be used in all plastic materials transforming machines, with a throughput up to 3000 kg/h, thanks to the wide range of models available.

They are suitable for plastic materials in granules, pellets (virgin or regrind), micro-granules and highly dusty flakes.

Main features of DDT series dehumidifiers are:

  • Dehumidified air regeneration which enable lower residual moisture content in the molecular sieves, and consequently less wear and longer life of the sieves.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the modular construction which ensures extremely easy access/inspection of all machine components.
  • Noteworthy saving of electric power thanks to the “passive rotation” operating cycle of the twin desiccant beds make this series the absolute ultimate in the field of dehumidification.
  • Possibility of further energy saving with the revolutionary YES-System, available as an option;

DDT models from 140 to 800 have the following exclusive features:

  • No costs involved for compressed air and cooling water consumption or connections. Fully automatic operating, only requires connection to the power mains.
  • Gradual cooling system allowing to increase more and more performance and life of molecular sieves.
  • Energy recovery from the return air to the delivery air through the exclusive heat exchanger.

For further information visit the page about DDT technology.