• Central conveying system
    Central conveying system
  • Central conveying system
    Central conveying system
  • Central conveying system
    Central conveying system

Features and benefits

  • Tailor-made design, according with the customer's needs
  • Study aimed at rationalizing the customer's production dynamics
  • Focus on efficiency, energy saving and quality of materials to guarantee finished product
  • Total process control (Industry 4.0)

ICA central conveying systems, mostly custom-made, are the result of a big engineering effort, allowing us to implement specific systems that fit with any production requirement and type of plastic material in use.

Nothing is left undetermined: MSM is the highly specialized technological partner for design and manufacturing of centralized systems, with an experience of over 20 years of installations in all fields of the plastics industry. The high experience allows MSM to study and design the optimal solution for your production unit, in order to achieve the best performance and a higher control of production, costs and your final product quality.

Design and performance

The unitary structure of ICA systems, that can integrate all needed complementary equipment, is designed to be flexible while including overall functionality. The result is guaranteed: very high performance, with less space taken up.

Raw materials storage requirements

Supply and storage in silos is one of the solutions that should be assessed according to the type of manufacturing department, as well as the use of big-bags, octabins or bags. The use of other intermediate storage facilities within the production unit should also be taken into consideration. A personal investment program can be studied together with our consulting service. Our team of experts can outline and implement even the most complex engineering projects.

Safety, ease and comfort

Sorting units (units for distribution of materials to transforming machines) are also available with decoding (optional) that prevents connection errors.

Modular Transport Structures

Conveying of technopolymers, dehumidified or not, is carried out while keeping a dry and / or isolated environment as long as they enter the plasticizing screw. The possibility of many configurations for process hoppers, receivers, reserve hoppers and maintenance hoppers, with quick discharge valves at their base, increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the system.

Essential innovations turned into key concepts

  • Increased productivity with constant monitoring of production line activity.
  • Possibility of future extensions and creation of new work islands without changing the system logic.
  • Energy saving achieved through the use of central vacuum pumps.
  • Constant quality of finished product.
  • Saving of raw materials, without waste of material and without error risks.
  • Substantial noise reduction in the department.
  • Elimination of dust inside the department and no degradation of materials thanks to pneumatic conveying of granules at controlled speed.

Specific applications

MSM has a very broad concept of plastics handling technology. This includes reliable devices for the decontamination of granules, such as dedusting systems, metal separators, etc., which can be applied on a time to time basis according to specific requirements.

Process supervision

Our in-depth knowledge of plant engineering and process technologies, together with our long experience in the field, enables us to create dedicated management programs:

  • Productivity management
  • Diagnostic management
  • Video alarms management with historical data printout

The modular control design makes the integration of new conveying machine easy, thus reducing installation time and costs.