• B&C MV vacuum units
    B&C MV vacuum units
  • B&C HV vacuum unit
    B&C HV vacuum unit
  • B&C MV units with filters (optional)
    B&C MV units with filters (optional)

Features and benefits

  • Wide power range for any application
  • High or very high prevalence blower
  • Low noise
  • Possibility for combination with the most suitable filtering system

Three-phase B&C series suction units can be used for vacuum generation both with single receivers (HLT, HLTP, HLTP/PX) and central system receivers (HLC, HLCP), for the most efficient and effective suction and conveying of plastic materials.

The various models of the B&C series suction units are available in two versions:

  • MV, suitable for most common applications
  • HV, with higher prevalence, suitable in cases where a constant level of vacuum is necessary over long distances (particularly indicated to minimize the phenomenon known as "Angel Hair")

Available in standard versions with power from 0.75 to 18.5 kW, they guarantee conveying of plastic materials in the most industrial applications. MSM is also able to design custom solutions to meet particular production needs, which can not find a solution with the products available in the market.

Main features are:

  • High prevalence blower mounted on base with support for electrical panel
  • Command, control and power panel for single conveying or power panel only for central conveying systems
  • Provision for control of proportioning valve, applicable to the receiver
  • Low noise level, thanks to the special integrated silencer
  • By-pass valve integrated in the high-end models, provision in other models
  • Possible application of filtering systems according with the type of material to be conveyed