HLTP/PX series weighing receiver
HLTP/PX series weighing receiver

Features and benefits

  • Dosing, blending and loading integrated system
  • Suitable for difficult materials too
  • Perfect dosing and blending
  • Customizable for particular needs

HLTP/PX series integrated systems for mix preparation allow gravimetric dosing, blending and loading of plastic materials in granules, but also of difficult materials.

HLTP/PX weighing receivers should be combined with B&C suction units.

HLTP/PX series receivers are fully made in stainless steel and feature robustness, reliability and versatility.

Main features are:

  • Dosing management of up to 3 plastic materials
  • 3 stainless steel, interchangeable material inlet pipes
  • Fast opening system for easy cleaning
  • Cartridge filter with large filtering surface, made in anti-dust and antistatic polyester
  • Automatic rotary system for filter cartridge cleaning with compressed air
  • Side sleeve compensation filter, in polyester, with large filtering surface
  • Homogenization unit (mixer) with motorized auger
  • Decentralized drain to help material discharge
  • Airtight gasket on the outfeed
  • Discharge clapet with pneumatic actuator
  • Hopper loader management through load cells
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Provision for operation via external contact