Three-phase hopper loaders

Three-phase vacuum hopper loaders represent the optimal solution for feeding injection molding machines, extruders, blow molders or other processing machines with plastic material in granules, in flowing powder, difficult materials and recovery of regrind materials.

The operation of three-phase hopper loaders, in their different configurations, is fully automatic. Moreover, it's easy to program and it's possible to change all hopper loader operation parameters, ensuring ultimate flexibility of use and performance reliability.

Three-phase hopper loaders are mainly composed of the following base elements:

  • Receiver from HLT series (regular materials) or HLTP series (difficult materials);
  • Blower from B&C series;
  • Filtering system suitable for hopper loader use conditions.

With materials that are difficult to transport, such as non-flowing and/or highly dusty materials, powders, flakes, microgranules and mineral fillers such as Talc, CaCo3, etc. we have special designed receivers of the HLTP series.

We have also special weighing receivers, that allow simultaneous conveying and dosing of several materials (even difficult materials), according to programmable recipes.