Constant research and outstanding resources that provide outstanding solutions for our customers diversified needs. With special focus on energy saving and environmental protection.

Technology innovation

MSM accepts the every day challenge for the improvement of its own products and the development of new technological solutions that rise the quality of the customer's final product. To achieve that it is often necessary to break traditional patterns and find different paths. On this basis, we have created revolutionary technologies in the field of plastic materials treatment, and others will come in the future.

Quality and reliability

MSM products feature a level of robustness and reliability that, thanks to the use of premium components and materials, guarantees a very long product life.

Details that make the difference

Every aspect is taken into consideration during the study of new products or solutions, in order to ensure the achievement of maximum efficiency. Nothing is left undetermined.

Environmental sustainability

MSM operates in the direction of improving the environmental sustainability of plastic materials transformation processes. For this reason we have developed, and continue to develop, technological innovations that reduce energy consumption and material waste, and increase efficiency.

According to this philosophy, MSM also carries out old equipment revamping, updating them with new technologies and extending their life.