EJET-System° technology is applied to HLV series compressed air hopper loaders.

It is based on the principle of generation of vacuum through the Venturi system. Unlike the compressed air loaders available on the market, where vacuum is generated in the suction probe, in EJET-System° the vacuum is created directly inside the receiver. Thanks to the special design of the ejector and the particular application study, the EJET-System° technology allows to obtain reliability and performances at the same level as traditional three-phase hopper loaders.

EJET-System° technology offers the benefit of an optimised, easy and economical feeding for transformation machines, providing the basis for an efficient management of production.

The advantages of this technology can be summarized in the following points:

  • High suction efficiency that makes HLV feeders a good alternative solution to traditional vacuum hopper loaders, both three-phase and single-phase
  • Less initial investment compared to a solution with a blower and three-phase receivers
  • Greater flexibility that allows the use also with micro-granules and flowing powders
  • Possibility of use with conveying air with T > 70 °C
  • Reduction of dimensions compared to three-phase hopper loaders
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Greater reliability that reduces production downtime

Flow diagram referring to granules with a.s.w. = 0,6 kg/dmc and free-flowing powders with a.s.w. = 0,55 kg/dmc. Suction height 4 mt.